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Brainfuck interpreter in javascript

I got bored today and decided to make a brainfuck interpreter with javascript. After I was done I did a quick google search to see what other people did for a js solution to compare and constrast however I couldn't find anything with less than 100 lines (to be fair others had more features such as step debugging and config options). So here I present my rather naive (but small) version in 17 lines of javascript, 328 bytes manually minified. function bf(code, input){ var src = "var ptr = 0, inptr = 0, output = '', data = new Uint8Array(30000);", op = { '>': '++ptr;', '<': '--ptr;', '+': '++data[ptr];', '-': '--data[ptr];', '.': 'output += String.fromCharCode(data[ptr]);', ',': 'data[ptr] = input.charCodeAt(inptr++)||0;', '[': 'while(data[ptr]){',